• Observational drawing

    For those that are interested; I will be teaching observational drawing this spring/summer in and around Seattle city parks. This is open to anyone who wishes to attend. A $20 donation is recommended but absolutely not required. I will announce on my Instagram page (jacobsenart) the place and time to meet a day or two before, weather permitting. Please go to Meetup.com/sketchsunday's for more info on when and where, what to bring and what to expect. For more info on what observational drawing is, please check out my observational drawing section in my portfolio. Or visit our meetup page Sketch Sundays


    In an effort to seek out new avenues I've been working with some new ways of showing/sharing my work. Patreon is built on a subscription based platform that allows fans and followers to subscribe directly to an artist in exchange for exclusive deals/offers and even original artwork. I like it because it removes the barriers associated with art such as dealers and galleries that take a percentage (usually half!) and puts me into direct contact with my fans (you). Check it out here for more info.

    Jacobsenart at Patreon