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Offering one-on-one communication coaching in the methods of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Self awareness cultivation.

Primarily aimed at developing practical language skills that helps us get in touch with our deepest values and communicate them clearly and effectively without manipulation, coercion, or violence.

Nonviolent Communication as taught By Marshall Rosenberg is rooted in the practices of self awareness, mindfulness and connected relationship. By building upon the basics of NVC we can begin to enter into honest and compassionate relationship both to others as well as ourselves.

The deeper aspects of this practice can reveal a real need to explore the conditioning and assumptions many of us have grown up with in regards to language, purpose, meaning and relationship.

By exploring our own narratives and ideas through the lens of nonviolence we can begin to establish the foundations for healthy and successful communication in all areas of life.

I offer both one-on-one sessions by the hour by appointment and offer ongoing tools and trainings with my wife via our Patreon group.

All payments for these services are by donation.

Email for a free consultation.