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Observational drawing is a form of meditation. When done with a spirit of open, clear seeing, free of the judgement that often occupies our minds, drawing becomes an immersion into the experience of simply looking. To look at a view, an object or a thought and record it to the best of our ability without adding anything such as a narrative, meaning or feeling, can bring us to deep experiences of oneness and connection to our living world. This is in fact the exact meditation practice taught in the contemplative traditions of Zen, Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism

It is this practice that I attempt to teach in my classes and workshops. To simply see without judgement is the highest form of intelligence according to the late, great Indian scholar, philosopher and teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti. It allows us to simply gather input without coloring it with our assumptions. While the method of drawing is not generally considered a spiritual practice in our culture, it is in fact a valuable tool in teaching the practice of self inquiry. This in turn can lead to a discovery of our true selves and a clear and direct experience of reality.

It is through this direct knowing of reality that ultimately benefits us in our day to day lives. To be fully present in our families, jobs and relationships is a skill that can be practiced, taught and even enjoyed by anyone willing to sit down and just look.

I do classes and workshops and also offer private instruction and clarity sessions upon request. please email for all requests; jacobsenart@gmail.com